KDE vs Gnome

Lee Braiden lee_b at digitalunleashed.com
Thu Jul 21 19:43:41 UTC 2005

On Thursday 21 July 2005 20:21, Dick Davies wrote:
> Just to address this one point - it's been a while since I did any
> raw (C) GTK stuff, and (at least in 1.2.x) I agree it was a total
> trainwreck due to the heavy reliance on macros to make the code *look* OOP.
> But GTK and gnome have very stable and mature language bindings from many
> OOP languages - ruby and python spring to mind.

Aye, but even if many people started coding python or ruby GNOME apps, that 
code would be unlikely to be contributed to the core of GNOME in a way that 
would help it to evolve.  This seems to happen a quite regularly in KDE, as 
things are refactored, and the special features of big apps are merged back 
into the libs for all apps to use.

Also, the "stable and mature" language bindings may well be just that, but 
they haven't always been given that recognition.  I recall having to ask, 
somewhere between 2.6 and 2.8, iirc, whether those bindings where officially 
supported and guaranteed to be kept in sync with future GNOME releases.  
That's a lot of lost propaganda time that could have been used to recruit 

Lee Braiden
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