Synaptic and respositories

Arjan Geven arjangeven at
Thu Jul 21 12:50:17 UTC 2005

On 7/21/05, Bjørn Ingmar Berg <bjorn.ingmar.berg at> wrote:
> Will it be "safe" to tell Synaptic to remove for example Multiverse?
> "Safe" meaning I can "bring it back" using the checkbox in Synaptic if
> I want to.

No problem there. You can safely remove the checkbox (which will
'comment out' the line in sources.list). Later, just check it if you
want to enable it again.

> Would it have been better to fix this problem some other way?  How?
> I had the idea that perhaps I could use Sunaptic to reinstall itself.
> That would probably have worked.  N'est pas?  But would that have
> brught back a sources.list file that was like the original in the
> distro?

It strange that it didn't work in the first place for you. You shoule
be able to add/remove repositories through Synaptic, which just gives
you a nice front-end for editing the sources.list file. I never had
any problems there..

In my experience, apt and synaptic work flawlessly together. They
operate on the same files, in the same way, just one with a
command-line interface and one with a GUI.

Arjan .

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