a program (i.e. kiax) that works perfectly, but missing some graphics in its interface

Jeff Co hanzjordan at gmail.com
Thu Jul 21 12:21:47 UTC 2005

How come this software did not come with the picture files? It seems to me 
to be an essential part of the package. Is there a solution that would not 
have to be based on guessing? In other words, rather than just trying out 
installing various packages, I'd rather find out what (picture) files kiax 
actually seeks and download them somewhere. How can I find out what kiax is 
looking for (at least in terms of the names of the files)?

If guesswork _is_ necessary, I could try out various packages, but it seems 
that I'm just wasting hard drive space, since all i need are a few picture 

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Subject:Re: a program (i.e. kiax) that works perfectly, but missing some 
graphics in its interface
On Thursday 21 July 2005 09:59, Jeff Co wrote: 
> Hello, I am using Gnome. I got kiax (www.kiax.org <http://www.kiax.org/> <
> working fine on my pc. but the interface is missing a few graphics. Where 
> should see pictures of a phone, all i see is a blank gray button.
> Is this to be expected in using a non-gnome program in gnome? or is just 
> issue specific to this program?

Neither. It's an issue with installing third-party software without all of
its dependencies. Try installing some of the icon and theme packages from
KDE, or maybe installing an application that uses the same icons (for
example, the KDE address book application probably uses the phone icon, and
so installing that would also install the icons).

Lee Braiden
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