Sean Sieger sean.sieger at
Wed Jul 20 23:33:09 UTC 2005

"Tim Holmes" <tholmes at> writes:

>> > I use it on a laptop, and I cannot seem to get it to recognize the
>> wireless card in
>> > the laptop.  If I look in the system properties, I see it there, but
> it
>> wont come on
>> You should file a bug about this stating which card you have that
>> won't work. This will help the developers fix the problem.
>> You can file bugs at:
>> Matt
> [Tim Holmes] 
> Matt:
> That's an excellent idea, the problem is that im not sure it's a bug.  I
> haven't had a lot of time to look at it, all I know is that I can see
> the card, but I cannot find a way to turn it on, make it connect to the
> network.  It might be there, I just haven't found it

Tim please re-post to this list, maybe with the card name and model number
as Subject line and whatever symptoms you can locate in the body of your

I don't think your laptop should be wirelessly disconnected from the rest
of the planet for another minute unnecessarily.
Sean Sieger

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