Sudo / Gksudo : calling for testers !

Vincent Trouilliez vincent.trouilliez at
Wed Jul 20 15:09:51 UTC 2005

Thanks James and Arjan,

It's what I thought, it may eventually make sense in some non-desktop,
or non "average" desktop use (opening 20 terminals is definitely not
"normal" to me ;o), but for joe public, me, my dad and my mum, the
clueless secretary and all other corporate desktops, well for most
people in fact, it's not very suitable I feel.

But since the solution is only a flag away, and since Ubuntu is mostly
for Desktop/normal/clueless people, might be an idea to chage the
default state of this flag and turn it off.

Sure, Ubuntu is targeted at servers and "expert" desktops too, but it's
always the same thing : default should be set to suit the part of the
audience that doesn't have a clue about configuring his machine, and
doesn't even know what's configurable or not. 'advanced' users, or
professionals/server admins, are plenty knowledgeable and competent
enough to tweak the system to make it do whatever they need it to do...


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