Sudo / Gksudo : calling for testers !

Vincent Trouilliez vincent.trouilliez at
Wed Jul 20 08:41:46 UTC 2005

Hello Gents,

I notice that sudo and gksudo don't seem to share the password's time
stamp, which I find a bit weird personally. 
That is, if I give my password to sudo, do something with it quickly,
then open say Synaptic (hence gksudo), I will be asked for my password
again, eventhough I gave to sudo seconds before. 
Same the other way around : Open a GUI app that requires password, enter
it, exit the app, then try sudo at the command line : you will be asked
for the password that you just entered in gksudo !

Basically, technically, it behaves as if sudo and gksudo din't share the
time stamp for the password.

I filed a bug about it
but I was basically told that they DO share the time stamp, and that
what I experience is basically impossible because technical non-sense.

Problem is, non-sense or not, it does behave like this on my machine.
And I tried it with Wart, Hoary and Breezy, all do it. sudo and gksudo
just don't seem to "talk" to each other to see if the passwoprd if the
password has already been typed or not.

So, before I go to consult a doctor for seeing things that I am told
can't exist, I wanted to call out for help. Could people tell me if they
see they can reproduce the problem on their machine ?

Test procedure (for example) :

- sudo -k (start from a clean sheet)
- sudo ls (or any other quick to execute and harmless command...)
  it should ask for the PW
- start Synaptic (or any other GUI app that requires gksudo/PW)
  it asks for the PW again, it should not since you just entered it.

Now the other way around:

- Wait 15 minutes (default PW validity) for time stamp to clear
- Start Synaptic, you are asked for your PW
- Exit Synpatic
- sudo ls
- you are asked again for the PW, eventhough you just entered it.

Now I also noticed that 'sudo -k' only clears the password for sudo, not
gksudo !

Thanks for trying it, before I am locked in a fool's hospital ! ;-/


Vince, losing sanity ?

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