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Maxim badran at gmail.com
Wed Jul 20 07:47:42 UTC 2005

the CDs are set to 0.24EU anyway I payed 20$ in costomes & fees here in 
lebanon , as they set a value of about 150$ for the 140CDs .... I was happy 
to pay that fee & get my box :) 

On 7/20/05, Chanchao <custom at freenet.de> wrote:
> Hello Steve,
> Wednesday, July 20, 2005, 11:10:06 AM, you wrote:
> ST> can we download official ubuntu cd labels and covers? we decided to
> ST> mass burn cds and print cd labels rather than going thru shipit which
> ST> might cost more due to duties.
> As it's free there should be no duties. I got them shipped to
> Thailand, and even Thai customs didn't spoil the fun. (They did
> inspect the package, but no duties). I'd imagine Ubuntu includes
> something that says 'free samples, $0 value, not for resale' or some
> such.
> That said, the official labels aren't very fancy. They're plain red
> background that covers the entire CD, with the titles in white.
> It includes the logo, but again only white. If printed my own CD labels I
> think I'd do the Ubuntu logo in color, printed exactly around the hole
> in the center. (I think I've seen that style on the Ubuntu site or
> elsewhere, but the ship-it CD's aren't printed that way). (Fine with
> me, of course)
> Cheers,
> Chanchao
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