Creating Mirror-CDs/DVDs for Offline - Installation and - Update

Chanchao custom at
Wed Jul 20 07:10:03 UTC 2005

Hello hagen,

Wednesday, July 20, 2005, 1:34:00 PM, you wrote:

hvr> My experiences over the last weeks are, that a low-bandwidth-connection
hvr> (56k) could be a very strong limitation for ubuntu's success story. I
hvr> only say: updating (or installation) of (additional) programs...

Well.. people with dialup only are used to long download times for
everything..  Like, downloading Open Office 2 for Windows isn't
exactly a 10 minute affair either on dial-up. :)

I've done a lot of installing/updating over dial-up on Ubuntu and find
that most updates don't take that much time. Of course it'd be
different now that I am more experience and KNOW exactly all the
things I would like to add on, so that would be a pretty huge
download. But so far, installing individual apps, they're hardly ever
bigger than about 10 MB.

The problem with repository CD's is that they're fine on the day you
burn them.  But after some time you're not sure anymore if you have
the latest/best version of something.


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