Creating Mirror-CDs/DVDs for Offline - Installation and - Update

hagen van rissenbeck news4didascali at
Wed Jul 20 06:34:00 UTC 2005

Hi list,

I distribute to everyone I know with misfeelings against the redmondOS
the ubuntu install-cd helping him or her to find out if UbuntuLinux
would be a good choice.

My experiences over the last weeks are, that a low-bandwidth-connection
(56k) could be a very strong limitation for ubuntu's success story. I
only say: updating (or installation) of (additional) programs...

For that reason, I burned the kubuntu-install-iso on cd and share it
out, too. And last, but not least, also the Unofficial Add-On CD made by

Last night, when I've thought about offline installation and updating, I
came to the decision that - as an additional offer -

I would like to create cd-sets/dvds which are snapshots of the official
ubuntu mirrors (i386-arch).

this should be completed with update-cd's once a month or so.


and now, my questions, because I'm a mirroring newbie:

How can I handle that?
- debmirror?
- apt-move?

Are that solutions in my case?

Are there some other possible solutions for my purposes? - Any experiences?

Is the patch annoucements list under

that, what I need for the creation of update-cds, or do I need more?

Thxs in advance...



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