Ubuntu Hoary - Upgrade to latest subversion release

Stelian Iancu stelian.iancu at gmx.net
Tue Jul 19 15:04:59 UTC 2005

* Stephen R Laniel <steve at laniels.org> wrote:

> Makes sense. I'd avoid compiling directly from source.
> Whenever Breezy is stable, you'll want to be able to upgrade
> your whole system to Breezy, and you'll want Subversion to
> be upgraded along with the rest of your Ubuntu packages.
> Compiling from source knocks part of your system out of
> sync; I avoid it whenever possible, and here it's certainly
> possible.

How about getting the src deb from Breezy and compilling it in Hoary?
Not by using configure && make && make install, but by using the
specific Debian way of obtaining a deb from a src deb. Wouldn't that

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