[ Warty ] Needs a copy of few icons...

Vincent Trouilliez vincent.trouilliez at modulonet.fr
Tue Jul 19 09:40:09 UTC 2005

> Oh dear, this Warty desktop icon is driving me crazy. The required icon
> is /usr/share/icons/gnome/48x48/filesystem/iconname.png
> Problem is, Breezy has the same icon ! But it doesn't use it !
> Pffff.... it's great to see Gnome improving all the time, but if they
> keep changing where things are and how they work... grrrr....
> --
> Vince, starting to lose faith....

Ahhh, a good night of sleep helped a lot, I have now everything working
perfectly :o)))

I only had to copy the x48 icon into the x16, x24 and x32 folders, and
use Gimp to resize the icons as required. Gimp rocks, took 30 seconds to
do and even once shrunk, the icons still look good.

It seems that Gnome 2.8 in Warty uses the x48 icon only, and resized it
automatically to get the smaller sizes. In 2.11 / Breezy, it appeared
less simple. The x48 deskop icon is not used at all. If I copy it in the
x32 and x24 folder, it will be used, and shrunk automatically when
displayed. However for the size x16, it will not resize it, so I had to
do it. Then of course as I was doing it, since it was easy, I also
resized the x24 and x32 ones, to make things cleaner and easier for

Anyway, I have a lovely nautilus/desktop now, I am well pleased and
learned a bit about Gnome's internals in the process, what more can I
ask ? Open Source is definitely the best thing in the IT world, since
the creation of PC's ! May it have a bright future, may this future be
lead by Ubuntu ! :o))))

Vince, happy bunny...

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