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Rainer Gutkas Rainer.Gutkas at kstp.at
Mon Jul 18 19:32:29 UTC 2005

Will Ubuntu Lite also be available for PowerPC-CPU'S?



Colin McDermott schrieb:

> Good to hear that you are interested.
> www.ubuntulite.org and download the image from there (will erase your 
> hdd)
>>> I have an generic legacy laptop with 350 MHZ CPU, 255
> MB of RAM and 4 GB Hardrive.
> My system is a 400mhz 292mb system with a 20gb hard drive and it runs 
> ubuntu lite more then fine.
> A 128mb p200 with 3gb hard drive runs ubuntu lite rather well. No 
> promises but it should be better then ubuntu in performance on that 
> system. But I still find the system useable on 64mb of ram.
> >> So, I am hoping Ubuntu Lite truly lives up to legacy
> support
> Same here. I have not tested it on a laptop yet.
> but the key to putting Linux back on my
> legacy laptop for me is the ease of getting wireless
> to work on it.
> I have not tried this for lack of both a wireless lan card and a 
> laptop. What you should be able to do though is configure it as per 
> normal in Ubuntu unless it depends on Gnome (since ubuntu lite is a 
> server/minimal install of ubuntu + icewm and more). You may be able to 
> configure it via the live cd and just pinch the config file. Either 
> way let me know how you go.
> >> Finally, I do think it might help if Ubuntu Lite came
> in Live-CD form too (if it all ready does -  please
> excuse my ignorance). With a Live-CD form I could at
> least try it out and see if I can get it to work with
> my wireless hardware.
> I'm working on it. Give me more time!
> Cheers

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