Asynchronous video playback

Al Gordon runlevel7 at
Mon Jul 18 14:55:37 UTC 2005

On 7/18/05, Andrew Paul <andrewleepaul at> wrote:
> When watching movies (DVDs, DVDs from hard disk, AVI
> (DivX or Xvid)) the sound becomes asynchronous after
> around five minutes. For the first five minutes, sound
> and video are perfectly synchronous. I experience the
> same behavior when the movie's sound is encoded in Mp3
> or AC3.
> Has anyone else experienced this behavior? And does
> anyone have a solution?

You might want to  check your system load while watching these movies.
 Chances are, it's high.

I had similar problems on an old, slow laptop.  Updating my codecs
took care of the issue for me.  I believe that I'm currently using the
w32codecs from hoary-extras.


  -- AL --

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