Asynchronous video playback

Andrew Paul andrewleepaul at
Mon Jul 18 06:37:21 UTC 2005

Hello all

I recently switched from Fedora Core 3 to Ubuntu 5.04
(mainly due to the great packet management in Ubuntu).
However, I am having the following problem with the

When watching movies (DVDs, DVDs from hard disk, AVI
(DivX or Xvid)) the sound becomes asynchronous after
around five minutes. For the first five minutes, sound
and video are perfectly synchronous. I experience the
same behavior when the movie's sound is encoded in Mp3
or AC3.

I can reproduce this in Totem and Xine.

I can temporarily fix the problem by pausing and
unpausing the movie. Then the sound and video become
synchronous again. However, after around three to five
minutes, they become asynchronous. :-(

I did not have this problem with Fedora Core 3 using
the same hardware.

I have also noted that when I adjust the volume in
Beep Media Player there is a short (maybe 0.75s) delay
between moving the volume slider bar and the volume
actually changing. Maybe this is related to the above
described symptoms.

Has anyone else experienced this behavior? And does
anyone have a solution?



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