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Rainer Gutkas Rainer.Gutkas at
Sun Jul 17 15:47:47 UTC 2005

Try Synaptic, I guess it will be what you search for. It's installed by 
default with Ubuntu Linux, you'll find it under System Menu.
This tool was the first thing I really loved about linux. In my opinion 
there's no such easy install solution under MacOsX and Windows and I'v e 
used both.


Renato Henriques schrieb:

>Help.  I am totally frustrated with Linux regarding this simple
>procedure, and I say simple thinking Windows or Mac os X. Just download
>a simple targz file, double click on it, unpack it and double click on
>the installer.  Is that so hard?  How come in Linux one has to suffer
>with the comand line feature that most of the time does not work?  I'm
>trying to install skype. Can anyone help me?
>Here are the skype instruction upon download.
>"Open console
>Find the location where you saved the tar.bz2 file
>Enter the following command: “tar xjvf
>skype-version.tar.bz2”, where skype-version.tar.bz2 is the name
>of the file you downloaded, such as skype-0_90_0_1.tar.bz2. Skype is
>then unpacked to the current directory. Note that this does not require
>root privileges."
>Renato Henriques 
>msn:renato4010591 at 
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