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Renato Henriques repehe at
Sun Jul 17 14:28:32 UTC 2005

Help.  I am totally frustrated with Linux regarding this simple
procedure, and I say simple thinking Windows or Mac os X. Just download
a simple targz file, double click on it, unpack it and double click on
the installer.  Is that so hard?  How come in Linux one has to suffer
with the comand line feature that most of the time does not work?  I'm
trying to install skype. Can anyone help me?

Here are the skype instruction upon download.

"Open console
Find the location where you saved the tar.bz2 file
Enter the following command: “tar xjvf
skype-version.tar.bz2”, where skype-version.tar.bz2 is the name
of the file you downloaded, such as skype-0_90_0_1.tar.bz2. Skype is
then unpacked to the current directory. Note that this does not require
root privileges."

Renato Henriques 

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