Ubuntu "Lite"

ari.torhamo at saunalahti.fi ari.torhamo at saunalahti.fi
Sun Jul 17 10:19:16 UTC 2005

> I'm not sure about how many ebay-er's ship to your location, but I've
> bought tons of RAM for  older systems there for next to nothing. That
> would probably make the biggest difference in performance if you can
> afford a little more.

This is a good suggestion. I just happen to have an old PC that can't 
take more RAM than 64Mt (I have flashed the latest BIOS). It might be a 
good idea for those concidering buying more memory to have a look at the 
motherboard manual first to see if more memory can be added. Also memory 
type may vary, some 64Mt machines out there still propably use SIMM 
modules. The board may require ECC (error correcting) memory too. 
Upgrading the BIOS may allow more memory to be installed.

It's perhaps best to go to manufacturer's web site for the latest 
information on your motherboard. If you don't find the info there, or 
you don't even know the manufacturer, a good place to go is




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