Ubuntu "Lite"

Mike Drabik drabikmr at yahoo.com
Sun Jul 17 18:20:48 UTC 2005

Quote from the Ubuntu Lite Website:

>>This is not another DSL (damn small Linux), Puppy
Linux or Beatrix.<<

I certainly hope so.

I have an generic legacy laptop with 350 MHZ CPU, 255
MB of RAM and 4 GB Hardrive.

I have had both Warty & Hoary Ubuntu on this machine:
the former ran at the pace of massive interstate
traffic jam; the latter ran even slower and getting
the graphics display to fill the whole screen required
a herculean effort. The main culprit with speed was
Gnome which ate up all the resources. In the end I had
to give up on Ubuntu on the machine.

So, I looked over Damn Small Linux - didn't like it
and tried Beatrix: ran into the same problem: Gnome
chewing up all the resources.

I then tried Puppy Linux (installed directly to hard
drive): it ran quite well - until I tried to use a
wireless connection with it.  For two solid weeks I
worked on on getting the wireless connection to work
and it DID - 1x for about 5 minutes - then I
accidentally shut off the laptop and never got it to
work wirelessly again.  A couple of days later I had a
wireless/ps-2 mouse conflict which fried the
installation altogether.  I spend 1 week trying to
find ways short of reinstall to fix it - no go.

As it was quite difficult to tweak Puppy to work
correctly in the first place, I finally gave up the
Linux ghost on my old legacy laptop and was forced to
go back to Windows - ME to be specific.  ME has been a
pain, but nothing seems to be able to beat the
facility of getting a wireless connection up like
Windows does. I know that has to do, at least in part,
with the fact that hardware manufacturers still won't
support Linux. But I need to have that which works at
least moderately well with few, if any, contortions to
go through to get the wireless connection installed
and working. 

And of course legacy support will be essential which
is what is promised with Ubuntu Lite.

So, I am hoping Ubuntu Lite truly lives up to legacy
support, but the key to putting Linux back on my
legacy laptop for me is the ease of getting wireless
to work on it. Without wireless, then WIN-ME will have
to bee a necessitee for mee.

Finally, I do think it might help if Ubuntu Lite came
in Live-CD form too (if it all ready does -  please
excuse my ignorance). With a Live-CD form I could at
least try it out and see if I can get it to work with
my wireless hardware.

Mike in Toledo, Ohio, USA

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