Ubuntu "Lite" (Or dare I say.. 'Lubuntu'.. :)

Cybe R. Wizard cyber_wizard at mindspring.com
Sun Jul 17 00:24:26 UTC 2005

On Sat, 16 Jul 2005 18:40:39 +0200
Dennis Kaarsemaker <dennis at kaarsemaker.net> wrote:

> Perform a server install and install fluxbox or xfce instead of gnome.
> You should try another browser too, firefox isn't the lightest...

Fvwm95 is a pretty light Windows look-alike and IceWM can be made to be
so.  Both are apt-getable.

Cybe R. Wizard
Q: What's the difference between MicroSoft Windows and a virus? 
A: Apart from the fact that viruses are supported by their authors, 
use optimized, small code and usually perform well, none.

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