Review Day on July, 28th

Daniel Holbach dh at
Fri Jul 15 19:52:18 UTC 2005

Hi everybody,

we're having our second Review Day! REJOICE!

What does this mean?
The MOTU crew (and hopefully some other Ubuntu developers, too) will be
going through the packages listed on REVU [1] and have a look at them,
give comments and if they're good enough, we'll include them in Ubuntu


Why should it matter to me?

      * the FUN factor: Those new packages will make Ubuntu livelier,
        nicer and lots of people will adore you for the good work you
        and others did to make that happen. (Users, Packagers, Upstream
        people, ...)
      * the RECRUITING factor: lots of MOTU hopefuls are doing an
        awesome job and they deserve some credits for this, some might
        even be already ready to join the crew. They'll enhance the team
        and help with new MOTUs, new bugs and new packages.
      * the LEARNING factor: we all know that the MOTU process is short,
        very short, but to make it all happen, people need to know what
        they did wrong with their packages and where they should look
        for errors. You can help them to move on and make it a nice
        experience. You might even learn something yourself, when you
        review a package.
      * You make the world a better place.

I have a package up for review - what shall I do?

If your package is still on [2] or [3], head to [4] to get it on [1].

WOW, that was a bit much, right? It's pretty easy: We're moving from our
old wiki pages over to REVU - the next generation review tool, which is
astonishingly easy to use and gives a much better overview over what's
going on, [4] has more information on that.

If you'd like to attend on the IRC channel, just hop in - you can
directly ask questions and get your problems solved much easier.


When and Where will it happen?

July, 28th - all timezones, #ubuntu-motu on

If you're an Ubuntu developer (MOTUs included), please consider helping
out, your efforts are highly appreciated.

Have a nice day,

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