Changing a shortcut key in Firefox

Behrang Saeedzadeh behrangsa at
Thu Jul 14 21:02:50 UTC 2005


I want to change the shortcut key for the "new tab" action from Ctrl-T to 
Ctrl-N (and also change the shortcut key of new window from Ctrl-N to 
Ctrl-Alt-N). Does anybody know how can I do it?

BTW - When I visit an unencrypted page, Firefox asks me whether I want it to 
show an alert message to me next time such a things happens or not and I 
left the checkbox unchecked (meaning that I don't want the alert message 
anymore) but it always shows the alert message. How can I get rid of the 
alert message?

Thanks in advance,

Behrang Saeedzadeh
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