Resize Partition??

Hugh Crissman hcrissman at
Thu Jul 14 14:06:08 UTC 2005

* wylfing <ulist at> [2005-07-13 23:15:45]:

> I am too dumb to understand LVM, so I'll provide the old school answer
> (which was already provided, I'm just seconding it). Back up your
> system, repartition things the way you like, then restore your system.
> There's no other safe way to do this.
> Provided you've got a handy backup solution, for example an external
> hard drive, a nice way to proceed with this operation is to back up,
> repartition, boot with a live CD, restore your backups (don't forget to
> edit /etc/fstab if necessary!), and then reboot normally. At that point
> you should be back to normal, but with resized disks.
> -- 
> wylfing

I am with you on that one. I spent a while reading LVM docs last night
and it seems pretty tough to me. I think LVM would help me out but it
seems to be quite the complex subject. Let me know if anyone can find
clear yet simple explanation on the subject.


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