how to get apt-get to install from source

Oliver Grawert ogra at
Thu Jul 14 10:41:58 UTC 2005

Am Donnerstag, den 14.07.2005, 13:42 +1000 schrieb Serg Belokamen:
> I think the question was (and if its not then here it is):
> How would one approach building application from source (so
> ./configure, make...) but using apt as an assistant so to speak. So,
> for example we woulod say something like (psudo only) apt
> path/to/source/code and it would take care of compilation and all
> dependencies. I recall reading about something similar a while back
> but never looked into it in detail :(
you can achieve this with:

sudo apt-get build-dep <package>  # gets all build dependencys...
apt-get source -b <package>	  # gets the source and builds it
sudo dpkg -i <package>.deb	  # installs your built package

note that you dont need (and shouldnt use) sudo to build the package ;)

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