file sharing ubuntu Tiger

jmleonfounlin ulist at
Thu Jul 14 08:38:31 UTC 2005

Hi guys,

thanks to all for your contribution. A semi-miracle has happened today!
I updated Tiger to 10.4.2 yesterday. And now some problems are gone!
Some still remain.

I think it must be the OS update. Before testing samba again this
morning I played a bit with my smb.conf on my Mac (changing the title
of the shares, some spelling like writeable/writable, very desperate
and irrational I know but my samba knowledge is limited!). Samba worked
partially as I wanted. But then I remembered I had just updated Tiger.
So I reverted my smb.conf changes. But this didn't break samba. So
probably 10.4.2 has something to do here.

What works:

- I can browse and drop files onto my external FireWire drive (Extra)

- my shared folder in my home directory (called Linux) works: I can
read and drop files

What doesn't work:

- the [homes] share doesn't work. Nautilus tells me it can't be found
because it may have been deleted, which is not the case, as far as I
know. But I can browse my home folder on Tiger if I set up a share with
another title than [homes]

- my second internal drive (a SATA with my movies, music and photos)
finally appears in the network browser (after testing, apparently the
title of the share was too long - what's the limit?) and I can browse
its content. But I cannot drop files onto it. Very strange because the
definition of the share in smb.conf is the same as the other working


I was a bit concerned about your security discussion. My samba network
is local,with two machines at home situated behind my router's blocking
firewall and hosts allow in smb.conf is set to allow only local
machines. Is this enough to secure my samba sharing?

Thanks again for helping me.



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