Is it possible to run Ubuntu as Shared OS (Multiprocessing)?

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Thu Jul 14 01:57:30 UTC 2005

On 7/10/05, Rainer Gutkas <Rainer.Gutkas at> wrote:

> So if this is possible, it would be great. In the moment I'm running one
> pc, and 2 powerpc maschines. With some luck I get an old sun is some
> time,....,
> It would be great if these maschines could share their power, so I guess
> each maschine has it's advantages for some tasks!

Based on the description and what I know of dyne.bolic (which in some
regards tries to be a "live cd recording studio" distro), I would
guess they're talking about something along the lines of Apple's
new(ish) "Distributed Audio" software in Logic Pro 7:

Thus far I haven't worked on any audio projects in Linux that have
required that kind of horsepower, so I can't comment on it directly.
>From what I've seen, there are only a couple apps around right now
(and in early alpha stages) that big production studios would even
consider (I forget the names at the moment, but I'll look 'em up again
on request). This is not to slam the current pro-audio offerings in
Linux, but as a musician (as opposed to an engineer) the software is
still a bit complex and cumbersome IMO.

Disclaimer: I use GarageBand for taking musical "notes" and still rely
on hardware (such as ADATs) for pro recording.


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