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Charles Mauch cmauch at
Wed Jul 13 23:40:25 UTC 2005

This one time, in band camp, Rainer Gutkas said:

> How do I enable X-Server connections, so I can work with windows created of a remote 
> maschine on my Laptop, so I can do fo example
> mozilla-firefox --display &,
> to run firefox on a windows maschine, where I got Flash support, but use the display of 
> my laptop as "Terminal".

X's network security isn't so hot.  I'd suggest you look at SSH's X
forwarding.  You'll need to install cygwin on your windows box, and enable
the ssh server first.  Then you'll want to install and configure an X server
for windows.  This will enable you to actually do X-11 forwarding.

Once that's taken care of.  Fire up a terminal on your laptop.  Do a "ssh -X
user at windowsmachine mozilla-firefox".  Minimize your ssh session and surf

Of course, you could always get flash support working on your laptop, which
might be easier.

sudo apt-get install flashplayer-mozilla flashplugin-nonfree

Be sure to install something like flashblock (
to keep surfing on flash sites somewhat sane.

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