Howto enable Connection to X-Server

Darryl Clarke smartssa at
Wed Jul 13 23:05:27 UTC 2005

On 7/13/05, Rainer Gutkas <Rainer.Gutkas at> wrote:
> One last question, which just came to my mind!
> How do I enable X-Server connections, so I can work with windows created
> of a remote maschine on my Laptop, so I can do fo example
> mozilla-firefox --display &,
> to run firefox on a windows maschine, where I got Flash support, but use
> the display of my laptop as "Terminal".

Wait, you want to run firefox on a windows(tm) system and have it
display on your laptop (running ubuntu?)  I think your wording is
awkward, so here's my answer:

If both machines are ubuntu;

The easiest way is to use ssh's X forwarding.

Assuming you can ssh to the machine; 
you at laptop $ ssh -X yourdesktop mozilla-firefox
is all you need.

If you don't want to be prompted with a password, check out key-based
authentication (it's been mentioned many times on the list)

I use this all the time.  On my 'server' I enabled X port forwarding
in /etc/ssh/sshd_config there's a line:

X11Forwarding no
change it to yes, and ssh does the rest.

If you do it your initial way, it gets complicated with Xauthority and
Xhost settings, which can inheritly make your system unsecure.

~ Darryl  ~ smartssa at /

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