[breezy] upgrade killed X.org

dave walker dave at mudsite.com
Wed Jul 13 13:27:30 UTC 2005

Samuel Thurston, III wrote:

>breezy killed x.
>Hey, it comes with the territory.  
>gdm doesn't start, and manually starting x isn't working since my last
>update/reboot.  I got three clues, possibly unrelated.  At first I
>wasn't even able to get online because dhclient failed with the
>message "user dhcp doesn't exist" so i created the user and that went
>away. the other symptoms I have are that the deferred execution
>scheduler fails at startup for reasons I cannot ascertain, and my
>nvidia driver seems to have disappeared completely, as i cannot
>modprobe 'nvidia' or 'nv'.
>Any help would be appreciated
1) Install xserver-xorg-driver-nv
2) I believe you will (i had to do this last night) install 
xserver-xorg-input-kbd and xserver-xorg-input-mouse
3) dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg
4) restart GDM

That worked for me.  Hope it works for you.


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