[breezy] upgrade killed X.org

volvoguy volvoguy at gmail.com
Wed Jul 13 00:53:44 UTC 2005

On 7/12/05, Samuel Thurston, III <sam.thurston at gmail.com> wrote:
> breezy killed x.

Here are my Breezy experiences so far:

1) The "nvidia" driver isn't working at all yet. I don't think the
"restricted kernel modules" are up to par yet.

2) X has broken on several occasions thus far. The most recent (within
the last few days or so) seemed to be because the binary for X got
moved. I just deleted the symlink in /etc/X11 to point to the new
binary (which is now /usr/bin/Xorg). I always double check the man
page for "ln" before doing symlinks because it seems like I always
forget which part goes where, so double check this first - but I think
all I did was:

ln -s /etc/X11/X /usr/bin/Xorg

If you're having the same problems I was, this should at least get X
going again for you. You might want to double check also that the
symlink is indeed wrong - they may have fixed it since I fixed mine.


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