FreeNX - suspend & resume problem

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Wed Jul 13 06:46:46 UTC 2005

On 7/12/05, Ben Novack <bennovack at> wrote:
> On 7/12/05, volvoguy <volvoguy at> wrote:
> > Holy cow! Yep, it's as fast as I remember. If possible, it feels
> > faster than working on the local machine!?! It offered me a 1600x1200
> > desktop (which is what my windows machine is running) and I KNOW the
> > card in my server can't support that. Weird.
> >
> > Thanks a lot for the tip!
> Really? I'm not offered 1600... odd.
> Yeah, it's p retty damn impressive; it pretty much eliminates the need
> for KVMs for most situations. The only caveat is that session
> suspension issue; until I get that worked out, I can't keep gaim,
> downloads, etc going over several logins.

Ok. Don't smack me because I didn't even know where to get freenx this
afternoon, but I'm not having any problems resuming a session. I added
the "extras" repository, searched for "freenx" and added it (and it's
dependencies), was prompted during the install about what kind of key
I wanted to use and chose the "NoMachine" key (since it said it was
easier), and that was it. I downloaded the Windows client right from as it appears to be free (as in beer). I didn't do any
config on the server side. Just installed the Windows client and
pointed it at the servers IP address. It actually ran in a higher
resolution than I know my server's video card supports. Weird, but

So back to the original issue. I simply closed my Windows client with
the good ol' X in the upper-right corner and it asked me if I wanted
to log out or suspend. I chose suspend and reopened the client (I had
actually saved the session as a shortcut on my desktop) and it
connected to the previous session.

Are you guys that are having problems using an open-source freenx
client or the one provided by nomachine?

If there's any logs or anything you'd like to see to help diagnose
your problem, let me know and I'd be happy to provide them!

Thanks again for the "extras" info Ben!


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