[Breezy] Current status on USB hotplug ?

Vincent Trouilliez vincent.trouilliez at modulonet.fr
Tue Jul 12 06:29:35 UTC 2005

> > -> it shouldn't put any icon, since all four slots are empty. Doing
> > other wise put loads of useless icons and clutters the Computer
> location
> > uselessly. As per Hoary (and as per common sense ;-), an icon should
> > only appear when there is actually a memory card inserted.
> This is imho a problem of the card-reader, the system only does, what
> the
> reader wants it to do, so I think, there's no "easy" way to deactivate
> this
> "feature" of the card reader, because it tells the system the drives
> are
> ready :-(

Hmmm, what I don't understand, again, is that in Hoary the very same
card reader works PER-FEC-TLY, and out of the box at that. No useless
icons or anything, really sweet as chocolate.
So in all logic, it should work at least as well in Breezy, otherwise
that would be going backwards wouldn't it... :-/


> Just a simple change to get your cards mounted 
> just add a line for each device within your /etc/fstab ... Like
> "/dev/sda1   /mnt/media/cf   vfat    noauto,user     0   0"
> You should change the value of /dev/sda1 to your needs and create the
> mountpoints within /mnt/media (cf, mmc, ...). Maybe I should mention,
> that
> this soulution is only appicapable if your cards only have one
> partition, as only this get mounted.

Yep, only one partition, it's just a simple memory card from a digital
camera. I added a line in fstab, created mount point, then used 'mount'.
Mount didn't seem to complain of anything, but sadly, if I write
something to it, the files don't appear when I do a 'ls'. 

> After this you should be able to mount and unmount the cards,

Yep, at least at the command line, it all looks as if it's mounted, but
no luck when trying to copy stuff on it. No errors whatsoever, but no
files either ! :-/


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