Mounting partitions, bizare question...

Ante Karamatić ivoks at
Tue Jul 12 02:21:44 UTC 2005

On Tue, 2005-07-12 at 04:07 +0200, Vincent Trouilliez wrote:

> /dev/hda5:vincent       /media/hda5     ext3    defaults

You are, of course, aware that this should be preety stoopid to do,
right? On multiuser systems, there are multiple users :) Each likes it's
own settings. You can't force will on one (rather idealess user) to all
other users on the computer.

It would be much easier for you to create alias or link, wouldn't it?
alias mydir="cd /media/hda5/vincent", resulting in simply entering
"mydir" in terminal.

Or link: ln -s /media/hda5/vincent /home/vincent/Desktop/my-other-disk

That would result in simple click.

You can't thing only of your self. Linux is multiuser system and,
mostly, customizations per user are created by that same user.

You really have few bizarre questions on this list :)

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