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Ante Karamatić ivoks at
Mon Jul 11 09:06:53 UTC 2005

On Mon, 2005-07-11 at 01:52 -0600, Jewel wrote:

> What do you want to back up?
> [ ] Program Settings (2 MB)    [i.e. ~/.*]
> [ ] Documents (20 MB)
> [ ] Photos (200 MB)
> [ ] Videos (2 GB)
> or
> o All my files (2.2 GB)

I planned "Advanced mode" and "Simple mode". In Simple mode it would be
something like that; but no "Documents", "Photos" etc., cause every
users puts it's documents on different place. For example, my Photos are
in ~/Slike, yours are maybe in ~/Pictures, etc. Searching for jpegs in
users directory would be even worse. That's why there will be "My
files" (home), and, eventualy, System configuration. But, you know, not
all programs keep configuration in /etc. That's why there will be
Advanced mode for users to pick every dir they would like to have backed

> Once again, just brainstorming.  Perhaps this is the entirely wrong
> direction to go.  I'm trying to envision a very ubuntu interface that
> does something more than file-roller or gnome-baker already
> accomplish.

Hyper-ultra-complex backup solutions (bacula) allready exist on Ubuntu,
but are command line. You can't get big power with GUI. Interface that
would be able to do all the things Bacula can would need 1001
radiobuttons, 100 labels and lots GB of RAM :)

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