Breezy #2 total broken

Daniel Stone daniel at
Mon Jul 11 01:51:15 UTC 2005

On Sun, Jul 10, 2005 at 07:22:45PM -0600, Holger Rumland wrote:
> I installed Colony #2 and first the gnome panel freezes and then after a
> reboot and
> package update/upgrade, the result is a broken X Server. The X Server
> problem should
> by now be fixed, as it already exist since the first test version. I am
> quiet frustrated in
> testing this version, as with every update this is not fixed and fall
> down again. I do not
> want to have to fix manual the X Server after every upgrade. Please make
> at least a test version
> as stable that you can test the system and not have to fix it after
> every upgrade or the
> X Server problem get solved trough the upgraded packages.

The key here is 'after a package update/upgrade'.  You are attempting to
track the daily development tree which all Ubuntu development happens
in, which will obviously lead to breakage.

Breezy is not recommended for normal users.  As it says, very
prominently, it is only recommended for people who are comfortable with
breakage in their systems, and fixing this breakage.  It is very early
on in the development cycle.

If you are not comfortable repairing your system from a broken state, I
recommend you hang back with Hoary until Breezy starts stabilising.

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