Bug tracking : reliable ??

Vincent Trouilliez vincent.trouilliez at modulonet.fr
Mon Jul 11 01:00:31 UTC 2005

I took the time to file quite a few bugs in Breezy, and intend to keep
doing so until it's released.

But, I have submitted a few bugs several days ago, and am really
wondering if they even got noticed by the devs.

More generally, I would like to know one should worry if if doesn't see
any activity on an important bug he filed, or, if he should sleep on
both ears, because Bugzilla (in the long term, malone) provide a safe
and reliable mechanism tha tensures that devs cannont miss bug reports.
something like a queuing system, where all new bugs would end up, and if
after 3 days, the designated dev still has not even read teh bug report,
then the bug reporting system gently remind the devs that there some old
bug reports that he hasn't yet read.

Because right now I am a bit afraid that all the devs get, is a
notification e-mail (same that we receive). If that's all there is, then
sure enough, e-mails can be deleted by accident, or the mail client can
screw up and not deliver the message or whatever. 

If indeed the current system is such that bugs could eventually, one way
or another, not get noticed/read by the dev, then what would be the best
way to attract the devs attention ? Add a comment on the bug report, so
that a new e-mail gets sent ? Bearing in mind that our Ubuntu devs are
very busy, how many days should we allow before starting to worry ?

For example I am wondering if these bugs of mine, among others, filed
last week, didn't get lost in the cyberspace :



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