quasar accounting on ubuntu??

Matchless ulist at gs1.ubuntuforums.org
Sat Jul 9 12:18:40 UTC 2005

Thats it, I cannot get Quasar to run with either Firebird or Postgresql.
Everything works, but I cannot setup as it does not recognise the dba
user and non dba user that I created and obviously neither the
passwords. Just for info, I used the latest version of Quasar 1.4.7 and
the FC c3 RPM's converted to deb. I am on Kubuntu 5.04 Postgresql is
version 7.4.7. With Firebird 1.5.1, I can create a company, get right
into the startup screen, select the company, but cannot open it as
again does not recognise the admin user and password. Those who have
managed must have some magic wands or something.

Unless someone builds a proper set of files and posts on the repository
for ubuntu I think I have wasted too much time on this. Phil from
Linuxcanada has replied to me that they have no plans to provide files
for Ubuntu. My plan was to switch one pc to Linux with OOo and Quasar
for my business from home, and must now be shelved. I will just have to
go back to Quickbooks as it seems as if Linux still has a long way to go
before it can really take on some serious desktop applications. I am
very disappointed. Just for info Gnucash works like a charm, but is not
a proper user friendly small business accounting package, it looks up to
Quicken rather than Quickbooks. After a lot of surfing and comments read
on the forums one can see that this is still an area where Linux is
sadly very far behind.

Small domestic little programs seem to be available in abundance,
although sometimes very confusing as to how they shape up, such as
audio players that can handle mp3 etc. Trying to get a modem setup is
also a nightmare.

One thing that is outstanding is the support and advice from the linux


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