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Lee Braiden lee_b at digitalunleashed.com
Fri Jul 8 15:13:22 UTC 2005

On Friday 08 Jul 2005 15:36, René L. Reingard wrote:
> what do you mean by encrypting my files(system), i would do better work?

It would mean that, when your computer is powered-down, the information on the 
disk would be virtually unreadable, whether deleted or not.  When up and 
running, however, it would act as normal.

Basically, you need to wipe your *partitions*, including swap, then encrypt 
everything on it.  That makes the information computer's hard drive(s) just 
look like junk, when it's turned off.  Ideally, also wipe memory when 
shutting down and/or booting up.  Definitely, disable any unnecessary logging 
and caching, since you probably have log files filled with passwords typed at 
the wrong time, etc. ;)

The problem is that computers leak information all too easily.  They copy it 
around all over the place, leaving traces everywhere.  They create log files 
that record what you did with a file of a certain name, etc.  That one copy 
of the file on your disk that you wipe is the only copy you *know* of, but 
there are probably more: cached in the computer's memory, copied to temporary 
files, logged as where you downloaded it from or what you created it with, 
and what you did with it before deleting it, etc.

> and third, i do not have any mess on my machine, Sir.

lol :)

I meant the mess of those log files and swap files etc. that I mentioned ;)

Lee Braiden
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