Malone !!!!

Vincent Trouilliez vincent.trouilliez at
Thu Jul 7 06:11:00 UTC 2005

> Let it go.  I'm a believer, but I admit to "blaspheming" on way too
> many occasions.

I apologize boys. In French it's really no blaspheme, it has become a
common expression, we don't even notice the religious content anymore. 
I have read it in English mailing lists very often, so I thought I could
use it as well. I even saw it in the movie "Top Gun", where it seemed to
be used much in the same way as we do in France, that is, it's just a
little expression like millions of others, the religious content has
become completely obsolete. 

Okay, I will try to replace "Jesus Christ, blah blah" by "Jeez" (but
that's basically the same no ?!), or "Oh Boy..." (but that sounds a bit
crap language), or maybe "Oh Dear..."  Please help me find something
that you like !! ;o)

> But you and I should leave this thread and leave it to
> people that can actually address Vince's real concerns.  

Yes, please tell me how to upload attachments to a bug report in Malone,
and please tell me that it's still under development and that the user
interface will be polished/reworked to give the user a more pleasing
experience when reporting bugs.

> I don't think he came here for a morals lesson.

Well, no worries. Although you are right, I do have strong opinions
about this and wouldn't want to start a debate about all this.
I will try to carefully avoid any religion related vocabulary in the
future, no "OMG", no jeez, no Christ, nothing. I just never realized/got
the impression that it was a problem, otherwise I would have changed my


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