Malone !!!!

Vincent Trouilliez vincent.trouilliez at
Thu Jul 7 02:23:19 UTC 2005

Jesus christ,  Malone.......

I just created an account, so that I can file a few bugs about GQview,
as it's in Universe. But it's a real pain to simply get to it (no direct
link in the "Support" page of the Ubuntu wiki, had to dig out an URL by
searching the wiki), and once in it, the usability it is a lot lower
than Bugzilla, which I thought was not very friendly (I changed my mind
now...). Indeed, the user interface to select the package name and
distro name, is not the most convenient. And once a bug is reported, it
not obvious nor quick, what you should do/where to click to file the
next bug... I didn't find simple/direct "new bug", like in bugzilla.

But, the biggest problem I have right now is... : In the body of my
second bug report on GQview, I wrote "see screenshot attached", thinking
I will be given the opportunity to do so once the body of the bug report
is validated. But, now that the bug is created... pardon me if I am
blind, but what the hell do I have to do upload a file ???
All I can see in the "actions" menu on the right of the screen, is a
"web link" entry. If users are expected to have their own web space, and
are required to know how to upload files, and are required to not touch
them until the bug is fixed, I doubt that many people will either be
able, or really, simply bother attaching anything at all ! :-/
Please tell me that I missed some obvious "Click here to add an
attachement" button, or at least tell me that Malone is experimental and
that all these problems will be fixed before we give up bugzilla and all
bugs go there (I think that's the plan, no ?).

Vince, not very impressed with Malone, and still don't know how the hell
to attach his bloody screenshot...

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