[OT] Re: Is Ubuntu safe to try

Ante Karamatić ivoks at grad.hr
Wed Jul 6 14:58:17 UTC 2005

On Wed, 2005-07-06 at 14:59 +0100, Frederic Soulier wrote:

> Works fine here.

This is a problem on 4 locations with different OSX versions. All others
OSs works fine.

> Again using a Canon i850 with a Network Print Server module on the
> parallel port works.

There is no problem when OSX is alone and doesn't cooperate with other
OSs. Set up a printer on your Hoary and try to print on it from Mac.
Just try that. Set it up via GUI printer manager. Sometimes it even
automaticlly (depending on Browsing instruction in cupsd.conf) discovers
printer and then can't print to it.

> If you buy a car and decide to run it on 3 wheels instead of 4 don't you
> think you'd had to prepare for big frustrations.
> Apple made some technical decisions to achieve their goal of producing
> something usable by 99% of the people.

I work for a company that works with OSXs a lot. Belive me, OSX is great
operating system untill it has to enter network. Then it's worse then

> You're free to express your opinions but developers working for Apple
> are certainly not di**heads and Mac OS X doesn't stink more than any
> other OS out there.

Sorry, I was totally angry. OSX is like a rotten apple. Sure it looks
nice from outside, but when you take a bit. Don't you ever ask your
self, why noone has eaten that _Apple_? :)

> To be honest I personaly don't have pbms with my printer, SMB shares or
> Office on Mac OS X.

You maybe don't have such complex networks where OSX is usless.

> And if I were to get paid for the numbers of hours lost trying to fix
> broken stuff in any Linux distros since 1999 I'd be a millionaire ;)

We would all (I would be even bigger then you :), that's why we have a
good OS now. IMHO, OS9 was much better. It only had crapy fundamental OS
design (one app kills them all :).

> Peace :)


> I'm sending this email from Thunderbird under Hoary with KDE but
> definitely enjoying my Powermac at home.

Powermacs are great pice of hardware. Too bad Apple goes for Intel now.

> At home, choice between Linux and Mac OS X, I choose OS X.
> At work, choice between Linux and Windows 2K/XP, I choose Linux

You are lucky you don't have to choose OSX at work ;)

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