Is Ubuntu safe to try

Ravi Kumar kumar.rvi at
Wed Jul 6 11:34:33 UTC 2005

I had installed Ubuntu only last month (earlier I was using Fedora
core 2). And I am mighty pleased using Ubuntu. Also I admire the way
canonical (the suppliers of ubuntu) are going about distributing free
CDs of the OS.

Having said that, I have a grouse about ubuntu too; which is :

It is much harder to configure sound in Ubuntu  than in Fedora.
Especially when you have an old sound card. For example, I have an
Aztec 2320 chipset based ISA sound card. And when I installed Fedora,
I was able to easily get it working using Alsa (Though it took some
tweaking) . But in ubuntu, even though I have configured alsa and
loaded the sound card drivers, I am getting some sound - but it is
really distorted while playing an mp3 music file.  I have tried
everything to get my sound working properly but to no avail.

I think the people at Ubuntu should put more effort in getting sound
working out-of-the-box or atleast make it easier for users to

Now would I uninstall Ubuntu and install some other distro?
Not at all. In all other aspects, I am fully satisfied with this distro.

Just my two bits


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