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On Wed, Jul 06, 2005 at 12:57:30PM +0800, Senectus . wrote:
> I'm currently administering a site with almost totally WinXP
> desktops.. but there are 3 Apple OSX G4 Laptops that get used.. Now
> I HATE having to work on these.. they make me feel like I'm crippled
> or something.. *shudder* but the users love them. Having said that,
> they can't figure out on their own how to do almost anything on them..
> and are constantly asking me to help... and even though I see the
> users productivity dropping on these devices the users still LOVE
> using them..

Huh. That's very interesting to me, and is quite counter to
the experiences that most of my users have had. If you feel
up to it, I'd love to hear what it is that people find
difficult to do under OS X.

I don't want to turn this into the OS X-lauding forum, just
as I don't want to turn it into the Linux-lauding forum. My
take is that we should be honest about the successes and
failures in every OS we encounter. Linux should be
postmodern in Larry Wall's sense [1]: it should do things
that rock and avoid things that suck. What I notice,
unfortunately, is that there's a tendency to inflate Linux
because we still have a minority-party's take on the world:
we need to stand together because everyone's ganging up on

I view it in quite the opposite way: we will get nowhere
until we admit what we do wrong, admit what others do right,
and learn from it all. The Slashdot Mentality works
precisely counter to that.

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