OK, before I install, a couple of newb questions?

Serg Belokamen serg.belokamen at gmail.com
Wed Jul 6 04:19:30 UTC 2005

On 06/07/05, Beats Walkin <totallynoway at yahoo.com> wrote:
> hello everyone!
> i've been lurking the list for a few days and things
> look pretty good. i'm ready to try this distro. what
> really did it was whoever said "Ubuntu is about love"
> but it looks like this is a really cool group. just a
> couple of questions:
> 1. web developers: what HTML editing software do we
> have that does extended find/replace like Homesite?
Just about any code editor on linux will do that.
I recommend VIM/GVIM/KVIM or KDevelop
> 2. what FTP software do we have to synchronize
> directories?
Inbuilt into Linux, I use KDE, on KDE you can map remote system
location to local folder and then just work with it like you would
with any local file. Transports include FTP, SSH, WebDAV, SMB (windows
file sharing), ...
> 3. how is Ubuntu working as a LAMP development
> platform?
EXCELLENT! (From personal experience as well) I tend to use console a
lot but when I feel like point and click its all there!

> i loved Mandrake in the 8.x days but in 10.x it's
> become a regular pain in the you-know-what and the
> you-know-what-else.
> TIA, can't wait to meet everybody,
> totallynoway
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