Is Ubuntu safe to try

Daniel Robitaille robitaille at
Wed Jul 6 02:06:54 UTC 2005

Jim Cupit wrote:
> Alright, you all are scaring me.  I know a little
> about Linux(Fedora 1), so I thought I'd try a
> different version (Ubuntu).  After reading the users
> list for a while, it seems like it is a continuous
> wrestling match to get Ubuntu to do what you want it
> to.  Is it safe for a relative newbie to try????? Or
> is it going to be too much frustration?   

food for thought:  the posts you see on mailing list are often from people 
having problems, and thus is only a small (and relative negative) subset of 
the user experience out there. So you cannot directly compare the content of 
this list to your future experience with a linux distro.

I'm sure if you were to read the Fedora user list, you would also see problems 
after problems in these e-mails.

And if you know a little bit of Linux/Fedora, I would say that you are 
prepared to start using Ubuntu.  While there are some difference between Linux 
distributions, many concepts are very similar. There is no need to be scared.

Daniel Robitaille

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