Is Ubuntu safe to try

Vincent Trouilliez vincent.trouilliez at
Wed Jul 6 02:05:56 UTC 2005

> Alright, you all are scaring me.  I know a little
> about Linux(Fedora 1), so I thought I'd try a
> different version (Ubuntu).  After reading the users
> list for a while, it seems like it is a continuous
> wrestling match to get Ubuntu to do what you want it
> to.  Is it safe for a relative newbie to try????? Or
> is it going to be too much frustration?

Don't be scared Jim ! Ubuntu is about love, not threat ! ;o)

If you managed to install a Linux distro in the past, then installing
Ubuntu should be very easy for you. If in doubt, just give us details of
your setup and how exactly you want to install things, and we will give
you guidance :-)

Don't be scared of the problems you read about on the list.... that's
what this list is for : solving problems ! So of course, most of the
posts talk about problems ! ;o)  
There is always someone somewhere with some machine that tries to do
something, who will encounter problems, but for most people, installing
Ubuntu is dead easy, insert CD, press enter, wait 25 minutes, log-in and
enjoy, instant satisfaction ! :o)))

If you think you may run into specific problems, due to particular
hardware, or, post install, due to some specific application you need,
then ask first, just in case ;-)

But why not download the "Live CD" first ? This way you will see if your
machine is happy with Ubuntu, and then you can download the proper
install CD and perform the installation.


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