HP NC6230 Laptop with Ubuntu

Benjamin Zeller zeller at ibh-wor.de
Mon Jul 4 10:01:07 UTC 2005

On Tuesday 28 June 2005 09:15, James Gray wrote:
> Hi All,

Hi James,

> Seems my employer may finally fork out and buy me a new lappy (yay for me).  

Indeed yay for you ;-)

> As I have very little say in the manufacturer I picked the 6230 because its 
> fast has lots of nice toys and seems to be mostly Linux friendly.
> I've specifically requested the Intel Pro Wireless 2200 or 2195 (?) as I 
> its supported in Linux (the Broadcom is a pain).  But other than that it 
> looks pretty standard affair.
> Has anyone got one of these with Ubuntu running?  Were there any gotcha's I 
> should be aware of?

I got no experiences with 6230, but I've got Hoary fired up an running on a 
nc6120 (which seems to be quite close to 6230).

I had to intervend on the following points:

- Resolution --> works fine with i915-patch
- monitor-mode and (most important for me: wpa-support) for ipw2200 --> works 
fine with latest driver and firmware from sourceforge project site. hoary 
comes with 0.19 (or something like that ;-) ), but the actual version is 
above 1.0. After compiling an installing FW (work of about 15 Minutes --> 
reboot needed) wpa and kismet(-devel) works. (I know, that kismet with an ipw 
is kinda nerdy due to lag of antenna connection, but you know: boys and their 
toys *g*).
- I needed to apt another kernel, because I've got 1,5GB of ram
- I followed manual for sound (now I've got sound in flash and I'm using alsa 
and not esd)

These are the points, that come into mind atm. If you got any questions feel 
free to ask, I'd be quite happy to guide other ppl to experience the same 
good conclusions as I did.

I have to mention one thing, that I didn't get to work:

I'm using the laptop with the HP-Docking-Station on a 21" TFT-Display. With 
the mentioned patch above, I managed to get rid of vesa-1280-resolution to 
work with 1400x1050.
On windows, resolution is switched to 1600x1200, if the laptop is plugged to 
the docking - on Ubuntu I couldn't figure that out, but I didn't do any 
further research, because 1400 is fine for me atm.

> TIA,
> James
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