quasar install issues

Brian Walker bfwalker at gmail.com
Sat Jul 2 01:56:54 UTC 2005

Many thanks for the excellent reference to URL
http://tinyurl.com/cwpon. All went well apart from when I added (or
tried to add) a non-dba user as directed:

> 6. To add a non-DBA user (replace xxx with the sysdba password and yyy with the non-DBA user password):
> export FIREBIRD=/usr/lib/firebird2 export PATH=$FIREBIRD/bin:$PATH sudo gsec -user sysdba -password xxx GSEC> add nondba -pw yyy GSEC> quit
On exit I got the following error:

add record error
attempt to store duplicate value (visible to active transactions) in
unique inde x "USER_NAME_INDEX"

And of course, when I try to enter Quasar, I receive the message that
the quasar server program is not running on the server name I have

1. Where is the appropriate database that I can correct  the error
2. What do you think caused the instructions (all else were
immaculate) to have failed


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