getting off this mailing list

Martin J Hooper martinjh at
Fri Jul 1 07:30:03 UTC 2005

Todd Deshane wrote:
> On 6/28/05, *Senectus .* <senectus at 
> <mailto:senectus at>> wrote:
>     On 6/28/05, johan buys <doorssoft at
>     <mailto:doorssoft at>> wrote:
>      > I've tried getting off this mailing list, because I don't have
>     time to
>      > read 200 e-mails everyday.
>     To get off the list go here:
>     and enter your e-mail address in the form at the bottom of page, then
>     click "unsubscribe".
>     Perhaps you would be happier with the "Batch Digest" version of this
>     list. (also an option on that page.)

Also you can read the list by pointing your news group reader at and subscribing to gmane.linux.ubuntu.user

YOu can also send messages by posting to it to!

This is the way I read the list and it is better than having your inbox 

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