how do i use bochs.

Tommy Trussell tommy.trussell at
Fri Jul 1 05:12:24 UTC 2005

On 6/30/05, Mustafa Abbasi <lordverminard at> wrote:
> i have installed via synaptic bochs but now i have no idea what to do.
>  please help me.

I found an article about bochs that might help you:

You don't describe your system, but you should be aware that bochs
allows you to emulate (simulate) a processor, so for example you can
run Intel operating system on a PowerPC computer, or vice versa.
Furthermore, I believe it runs the operating environment as a process
under linux, so you can use it (for example) to test multiple versions
of linux at the same time.

If you already have an Intel-compatible processor and you just want to
run Windows software under linux, then you might actually be looking
for WINE.

I hope those hints help you get a little further along!

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