Xfce 4.2.0

Larry Grover lgrover at zoominternet.net
Wed Jan 19 12:50:36 UTC 2005

Jeff Waugh wrote:
> <quote who="Joerg Desch">
>>(1) which program does the gnome-volume-manager starts if a new device is
>>detected? Nautilus?
> Whatever you configure it to. :-)

Would you mind elaborating?

I see that "Removable Storage" allows you to set the program to be run 
when optical media (CD, DVD) or a digital camera is attached, but I 
don't see anywhere to set the program to run when other devices are 
attached (like a zip drive or USB memory stick).

`man gnome-volume-manager` doesn't shed any light, nor does running 
`gnome-volume-manager --help` (though that indicates a 
"--load-modules" option).

Any hints?


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